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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Great Homeschooling Internet Sites

Since my husband and I are both disabled veterans, it also means that we are also on a tight budget too. That also means that I need to keep my eye out for things I can find to use while homeschooling our nine year old autistic son. Along the five year old road of homeschooling, I've found a lot of really great sites that I've either used or plan to use while homeschooling him. I thought it might be useful if I posted my list to my blog in case someone else could possibly use any of them. If you find out that any of them don't work, I would really like to hear about it. If you want to pass the list along to others, great! If you have  a favorite site or two that might be useful, drop me an email at I know, I know where's the list already? If there are asterisks (*) before the link, that means it's a site that I really like! Well, here it is:

General sites for homeschooling Resources lessons on various subjects coloring pages & etc
* (some free stuff, some low cost, some expensive!) Teachers Net PreK-12 Over 5,000 freebies but you have to sign up, products created by teachers
* free entire homeschool curriculum like Charlotte Mason K-12
* resources for special needs, gifted and talented Downloadable pages for Math, using computers, science, communication, the Arts, and other areas. Teacher blog
* Entire Free Homeschool Program!
* Free Homeschool Curiculum, liturature and text books

***ebooks Great site for classic books like Tom Sawyer, Alice in Wonderland, & Treasure Island!
ebooks (read on site)

Math multiplication worksheets Basic math concepts to pre-algebra games Math Task Cards some free some have fee!

English McGuffey Reader Weekly Newsletter PreK Learning Alphabet




History Limited, but good history link for making Power Point Great to bring history alive through interviews
middle ages
gladiator,mummy, exploring,whaling
ancient rome
pics for ancient Greece and Rome
kings,queens and castles
history and science

US History
Founding Fathers (great curriculum for all grades from elementary through high school) a vertual exploration of Ellis Island
Links for Presidents of US:

Native Americans
2nd Grade Lesson Plan
    Native American Pictures:
7th Grade Lesson Plan

http://publications USAPubs.php? PubID=6099 - free poster showing how to
get to be the president - several games to play to understand
government/laws/ bills/courtrooms - several games and other links to help them understand more how things work
http://www.unitstud Study.html

Geography US geography work pages

Maps Blank US maps Map Blank Maker Continent Maps
Outline Map links (many links listed) (one for each state)

Worksheets  I don't know how good this one is but it has been suggested to check it out.      "          "          "          "


Free Homeschool Materials (Notebook, lapbook, etc) Lapbooks Unit Studies Notebooking how tos

Science Rainforest    this site has science videos and games all free   great site for beginning readers. e-Science Activities & Experiments available for limited time!
      Astronomy Great kids science site and astronomy
In spite of the "kids", there's stuff here for upper levels too - if you go
to Free Online Classes, there is a track for 12 and up.

Classical Music & Art
Biography of Beethoven:
Site dedicated to Beethoven:
Free listening, videos, concerts:
Beethoven videos:
Johannes Brahms free notebook
world's greatest artists: Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Jackson Pollock, Claude Monet, Henry Matisse, Georgia O’keefe, Michelangelo, and Leonardo Da Vinci. If you are interested in this, follow this link: may or may not be free! A Music Glossary

Religion Bible videos Children's New Testament Stories Children's Old Testament Stories

Games Low cost learning games


Paper Crafts Paper Dolls

Cooking Homemade Marshmallows

Low Cost Homeschooling materials
*    some free stuff, but only costs $20 a year for full access. worth the money for K thru 8
* Unit Studies

Lapbook companies       sign up for newsletter and get free lapbook of their choice                      free quarterly lapbook and weekly $5 lapbooks          sign up for newsletter and get coupon good for $5 off purchase which means either your first one free or half off! All their lapbooks are either $5 or $10 each!

I know the list is pretty long, sorry about that but some of them I found and others have been passed on to me. After five years, you kind of end up finding a lot of sites if you are looking for things that can be helpful to you! I do hope it is helpful to you though. If anything, take a look at the sites with an *.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Our Son's Favorite Subjects

     Well, school has been going on now for close to a month. Believe it or not, our 9 year old autistic son has asked me to ADD lessons to his schedule! He really likes learning about habitats which covers science and US Geography which I believe is considered social studies. We've also tried astronomy and American History but he didn't care for those subjects much. Since I've always like history, I'm hoping that eventually he will discover a love for the subject also.
     The company I bought the curriculum from is called Intellego Unit Studies. The materials were designed by a mother of a special needs child. I know my special needs son LOVES learning from the science and social studies portion of their curriculum. Each selection is usually broken into grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8. The K-2 level tends to have more hands on activities so we have been using them although our son is actually ready for fourth grade work.He's more of a hands on learner and using manipulatives seems to help him learn a lot better than any other activity I have tried.  I add additional materials, like lapbooks from Hands of a Child or Knowledge Box Central, we've even made a couple of our own. I also include games that I have found on or I have created myself. We've also made cookies in the shape of the states we have been studying too or an entire meal with dishes or foods from the state we are studying. There are so many things you can do to help a child learn a subject, you are only limited by your imagination, Intellego Unit Studies is a great starting point.
     The way the program works, you download an eBook with instructions on how to use it. Each lesson is pretty short, most of the time we are done in about half an hour. There are pages to print out for the student to either fill in or draw pictures. Instructions about what is being taught and how to go about doing it. Lastly, there are links to click on to take you directly to internet sites that will teach a child about each subject. Those links can be anything from short reading assignments, games, or videos. Many times, we end up playing the games several times or finding and watching several videos associated with what is being taught.
   Believe it or not, I have already picked up our next eBooks for our next classes when they were on sale about a month ago. That way, when we finish what we are studying now, we will be ready to go on to our next ones. We will be learning about maps then world geography for social studies. The animal kingdom then living things for science. Sooner or later we will advance up to higher grade level sooner or later and I'm sure the higher grade eBooks will study the subjects more in depth or from a different perspective.