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Friday, May 13, 2016

FANTASTIC Homeschool Product Sale Coming Soon!

     I've tried to not post about homeschool products in my blog, because frankly I'm pretty fed up with reading about all these great products people write about in their blogs. After all, a majority of them are only writing about the products because they probably contacted a company and offered to write about their product in exchange for getting something from the company. So, in a way they are getting paid for writing about the product if you think about it. Instead of getting money for writing about a product, they get the product from the company for free, which is a way for paying for it. Some of these products can cost over a hundred dollars, but the products I've looked into are usually between twenty and forty dollars, unless the blogger is getting an entire set or program in exchange for writing about the product, but that doesn't happen very often. I think I'm making sense about this, but maybe I'm not and I'm sorry about that!
     Whenever I've written in my blog about a product, it's usually after I've paid for it, tried it with our son, and been really happy about that product. I don't want to feel that I need to tell people about a product because it was given to me. I also don't want to go begging to companies and making arrangements in exchange for getting these products either. I'm just not that type of person. I do want to share about a sale coming up next week, called the Build a Bundle Sale. Why is it called this you might be asking? It's because the products are being sold in bundles although you can purchase the products individually. The thing is, you can either purchase bundles that have already been put together or you can build your own bundle of the products that are being offered in the sale. Last year, we bought several products in the sale and were extremely happy with a very large majority of what we bought. I've checked out some of the products they say are being offered this year and from what I can see, none of the products are the same from last year although I could be wrong. In a way, this is a little disappointing, since we couldn't get everything we wanted to get last year. At the same time, it's pretty exciting too, because that means there will be so many other products to check out. Since the products are being offered from 86%-96% off plus, if you sign up for the sale now, you get an additional 10% discount, you have got to admit it sounds like a pretty good sale for homeschoolers!
     Another really great opportunity that is being offered is a giveaway. Yes, a giveaway, four to be exact if I understand it correctly. The grand prize is one of everything that is being offered and three premium bundles to the runners up. Since the prize goes to the person who is able to have other people use their reference code to sign up for the sale and discount, I know there are a LOT of other people who know quite a few more people than I do who homeschool, I have already figured out that I probably won't win the grand prize, but it would be really great if I could win one of the runner up prizes. The thing is, people who use the reference code to sign up for the sale don't have to actually purchase anything to count toward helping someone with the giveaway, they just have to sign up for the sale. So, I'm asking everyone who reads my blog to help me out, use my reference code and sign up for the sale. If you homeschool, you may find something in the sale that will be worthwhile for you to purchase and I'm glad I could point you in the direction of a really great sale. If you don't homeschool and sign up, I appreciate the help. Pass on the reference code to anyone you know, who homeschools or even doesn't, but is willing to help out. I'd really appreciate it, more than you could possibly know.
     So, are you ready for the reference code for the sale and the additional discount? Here it is: 
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and about this sale. I hope it'll help you out and I know if you sign up, it'll help me out.
     Want to know some more about the sale? Last year, there were bundles for homeschoolers from preschool to high school, special needs to gifted and talented. Bundles for girls, boys, and moms too. There was even a special bundle that was to help teach the arts! Our son and grandson especially loved the products by Warfare by Duct Tape, which we've used in our study of ancient history. There were audios, lapbooks, notebooking, and unit studies too. Basically, something for everyone who homeschools. 
     I'm excitedly waiting and have been looking forward to this sale for the last few months! If it's as great of a sale this year as it was last year, we won't have to worry about products to teach next year and the best thing about it is the great discounted prices. 

Here is just a little peek into the incredible products that are being offered this year:

  • 4 Cathy Duffy Top Pick science curricula
  • 4 Ellen McHenry science curricula
  • Lots of math curriculum and resources
  • Complete reading and early learning curriculum
  • Loads of copywork, notebooking, and lapbooks
  • Full language arts curriculum
  • 2 full literature curricula
  • Complete writing curriculum and several writing resources
  • Handwriting curriculum
  • Full history and geography curriculum
  • 3 full Bible curricula and several Bible studies
  • Complete character curriculum
  • Living history resources
  • 10 awesome art curricula & resources (2 Cathy Duffy Top Picks!)
  • 3 complete curriculum sets from Master Books
  • Tons of homemaking and homeschool helps resources
  • 5 student planners & several planners and organizers for moms
  • Over 25 unit studies
 There are 86 publishers and authors participating. Here is a sample of a few of them:
  • Master Books
  • WriteShop
  • Amanda Bennett Unit Studies
  • Ellen McHenry - Basement Workshop
  • How Great Thou Art
  • BiblioPlan
  • Picture Smart Bible
  • Brookdale House
  • Character Concepts
  • Media Angels
  • A Journey Through Learning
  • Homeschool Legacy
  • Writing With Sharon Watson
  • Bright Ideas Press
  • Math Essentials
  • Notebooking Pages
  • Joyce Herzog
  • Trivium Pursuit
  • National Center for Biblical Parenting
  • Home School Adventure Co.
  • Knowledge Quest
  • Barefoot Ragamuffin Curricula
  • Enrichment Studies
  • Live and Learn Press
  • Intoxicated on Life
  • Grapevine Studies
      Once again, in case you need the code to sign up for the sale: