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My Family

Friday, April 19, 2013

Teaching Government in a New Way!

There's a giveaway going on RIGHT now that might teach your children Government and even a little American History in a slightly new way. I really like it and I think it would even FINALLY catch our 10 year old's attention finally! I'm hoping we'll win a set because I'm not sure I would be able to afford it myself but who knows, if we don't win it I may see if we could swing picking up a set some way. If I have your attention, I guess it's time I tell you about the set and give you a link to take a look yourself.
The set is about Dubs, a golden retriever who loses his tennis ball and visits Washington, D. C. while looking for it in the first book. While there, he visits the country's great memorial sites--Lincoln, Jefferson, FDR, Reagan, Martin Luther King Jr., Air and Space, etc.--and learns something new about America and its greatness.
In the second book, Dubs actually runs for President against Felix the Cat. lol A fun, charming story  presents a cute, non-partisan look at how party politics and presidential elections work in America--and lets kids hunt for the missing ball along the way.
In the last book, Dubs and his friend Daisy go to Philadelphia to see the birthplace of the nation's Constitution. They visit the Liberty Bell, Ben Franklin's home, Congress Hall and other fun places where our great nation wrote its charter and built the foundations of freedom for all. As usual, they also play with their tennis ball along the way.
All three books also come with  a plush Dubs in the giveaway. Are you ready to find out where it is
now? Well, here's the link:
The set is actually designed for children ages 4-8 but I think our autistic son would enjoy reading them and may even interest him to learn more about each topic although I'm pretty sure he won't be interested in the plush. Yes, he's older than the target range but sometimes children with autism tend to like things designed for children younger than they are. Besides, I'm pretty sure our grand daughter would love the plush! lol 

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