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My Family

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lapbook Prices and the Election Process

     I can't believe the great prices at Knowledge Box Central!! I finally bought a Presidential Election and Trivia Games lapbook when it went on sale for a really great price and wouldn't you know it, they drop the price a short period later to an even better price! lol I always seem to have the best timing. Now it's only $5.00 along with most of their lapbooks. They have others for $10.00 but they must be the greatest deal for homeschooling products. Even when other lapbooking companies put their products on sale I don't think they are that cheap.
     At least I didn't waste my money though. I'm using the lapbook to introduce our 9 year old son to the presidential election process and this has been a fun way to do it. While he and I play one of the games, I talk to him about how important it is to vote. How important each vote can be. How important it is to find out on our own what each person who is trying to become president is like and what that person thinks is important. For instance, one person may think homeschooling shouldn't be an option or that a person shouldn't be allowed to own a gun in their home. Maybe they do or don't think abortions should be allowed except for certain circumstances. There so many different things a person can have an opinion about. There are some that I may have in common and others that I won't have in common with all of these people who want to become president. To me, it's more important to decide which of these issues are more important than others and to find the person who believes as closely as possible but I'll probably never find someone who has the exact beliefs on all issues as I do.
     This lapbook is allowing our son and I to have so many fantastic conversations! I'm just using it as a springboard into learning about our presidents. just think, we can continue using the lapbook throughout our study. Now, to find the right lapbook to help learn about the Presidents of the United States! I know at least some of what I want in it but other parts will just be a bonus. Kind of like a lapbook I want to find to help learn about our solar system, I still haven't found just the one I want after looking for so many months. Maybe I just need to find one close to what I want and just add what I want to it. lol

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