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My Family

Monday, July 12, 2010

Getting Better with Each Lap Book

Now that we have made two more lap books and working on our fourth, I can say that we are getting better as we go. I'm learning all the different flaps, booklets, folds, and things you can cut out or fill in.
I like to research on the internet the dinosaur we are studying, especially for information that may not be included in the book we have to read. I then take the information, edit it so that it flows and doesn't say something over and over. With my wordprocessing program, I pick a small font, move my margins, use columns, and make each page so that I can fold it into pages of a small book after I print it up. This sounds like it's time consuming and difficult but, I use a program I pick up at Wal Mart a few years ago for about tem dollars called Open Office and it's so easy! I use it all the time.
I've joined a couple Yahoo Groups for lap booking and they have some great printables that I use for my lap books that are free. There are also some great sites on the internet that also have a lot of free stuff that can be used to make lap books. I really like three out there so,, and especially
Since Martin is still learning to read, I usually read with som "help" from him on the words he knows. Then, I like to find a picture or two (some great dinosaur ones are at and let him color it. Then, we figure out what can be put on a flap or card that can be put into a pocket.

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