My Family

My Family

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lap Booking?

My husband, Martin Sr. and I have been homeschooling our son , Martin Jr (Boo) for three years now. We have had successes like adding, subtracting, learning about money, and beginning fractions. Unfortunately, we have also had failures, like trying to learn how to read using phoenics.

I have been reading about how great lap booking is in homeschooling for a while now. I hadn't been able to figure them out. Recently, I found a really great article on where I read they are pretty easy. It even had pictures included to make it easier to understand. So, Little Martin and I have been trying our hand at it. The only thing is, I misunderstood that we were supposed to actually glue two file folders together! Our first lap book wasn't very good, just a page about the dinosaur I found somewhere, a page I printed out from one of the downloads I bought and we filled out, and a picture I printed from that Martin Jr colored. The next one we made was better and the next one was better still! I think they are turning out pretty well anyway and since we are making one for several dinosaurs, maybe having the smaller space works out anyway. I am including pictures of the first lap book and who knows, I may add pictures of the others next time, it depends if this works out.

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