My Family

My Family

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Learning Tree Games is now a business! We have loaded two games, one of them has two versions. You can get it in either a file folder game or a board game. We'll see which version people prefer but since the file folder game is cheaper, that may be the one! I know our son likes playing games and doesn't prefer one over the other as long as it's a game.
We've also loaded all four of our decks that can be used with The Great Space Race. Depending on whether people want to work on addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division there is a deck for their needs. I also was able to figure out an additional mini game to go along with all the decks except the division deck. I hope to eventually figure out a game to go with it too.
Now, we are working on two more game boards to more apply to the interests of the children than to create more games. One will be "Princess" themed and the other will be "dinosaur" themed but basically the same game as our Great Space Race. We are also working on several other items at this time though. We are working on another deck to go with the Space Race but, it's going to be Space or Solar System themed. We are also working on something to learn about Native Americans. We are also working on a game to help children work on spelling words. Lastly, I have an idea for a game to learn about the history of the Latter Saint Church. These items are listed in the order they should be completed.
What would be nice is to hear from customers about games that would help them with their children. Maybe a topic or subject they are studying and can't find something to help them teach that subject or topic to their children. At this point, we've been creating things we can use with our sons but, there are bound to be items like them out there already. I haven't found some of them but, there's bound to be items out there.

One thing we are trying to do is make our games affordable to people since one thing we have found while looking for something we could use to homeschool our sons is that almost everything out there we find is just soooo expensive!

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