My Family

My Family

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thinking of Mother's

Somewhere, I have packed away a books I bought my mother years ago. I know she enjoyed filling in the various blanks with the help of the prompts on all the pages for each of my older sons. One of the reasons I haven't given them to the boys although they are all in their 20's is because of our youngest son who is only 9 years old now. He wasn't even w twinkle in his father's eye when my mother passed away. I don't have a book for him from her, I've thought of copying several pagers from each book for him or even all the books but, they were done specifically for each of the older boys.
Well, since my oldest grandchild was born, I've thought of finding a book like my mother's to fill out. I've finally found something! It's from Knowledge Box Central, called "Grandmother's Virtues Lapbook" for a really great price and I'm actually looking forward to making one for each of them. I also plan on sending a copy to his adopted grandmother although I'm not sure she'll be able to really fill in all the booklets since she's not really related to us but I'm sure I can do something. What I'm also planning to do is see if I can use it with the books for my older boys to make one for our youngest about my mother. Once I get it done, I'll post about it with pictures to show my finished product! I think I should be able to work with it to make a really special gift for him with this great lapbook. After all, if I can't come up with information to fill it out, I won't have to leave blank booklets. I can just leave that booklet out! I love it for that reason since there must be at least one page in each one of the books my mother never filled out! lol At least the ones I put together will all be filled out.

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