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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Great Lapbook Deals

There are some really great deals being offered by Knowledge Box Central and Hands of a Child for a limited time.  Anyway, in case anyone is interested in learning more about the deasl, here is everything I know about them:

Holiday 2012 PackageHoliday 2012 Package

$55.00 regular price $20.00 sale price!
Save: 64% off

This Holiday Package includes 11 products and 567 pages!  
It is available for a LIMITED time ONLY and in EBOOK format ONLY.  This package includes all of the following ebooks in one file:
To view sample pages of each Activity Book or Lapbook, please vist the links by clicking on the book title. 

*New Year’s Around the World Lapbook
*New Year’s Fun & Coloring Activity Book
*Valentine’s Day Lapbook
*Labor Day Lapbook
*History of Halloween Lapbook
*Halloween Activity Book
*Thanksgiving Lapbook
*Turkey Talk Activity Book
*Christmas Fun & Coloring Activity Book
*Christmas Symbols Lapbook
*Kwanzaa Lapbook

I would really like to get it although I don't know what I would do with one of the lapbooks that's included in the package. What is Kawanzaa all about anyway? lol I never even heard about it at all until maybe ten years ago but I did a little research and found it was first celebrated around 1966.

Another lapbook pack Knowledge Box Central is also offering is one about Ancient History. It's more within my price range right now so I might be able to swing getting it but I really wanted to let people know about it as soon as possible! Here's the information in case you would like to know more:

Regular Price: $40.00 
Sale price: $10.00
save 75%
This 287 PAGE Package includes:
3 Lapbooks, 3 Mini-Lapbooks, and 2 Notebooking Pages Packs
Included in this package:

Ancient Egypt Lapbook
Ancient Egypt Mini-Lapbook
Ancient Egypt Notebooking Pages
Ancient Greece Lapbook
Ancient Greece Mini-Lapbook
Ancient Rome Lapbook
Ancient Rome Mini-Lapbook
Ancient Rome Notebooking Pages

Lastly, right now Hands of a Child is having a sale on their products they are selling through A majority of them are half off while a few of them are a little better price and a few are a little less. I have been having my eye on a couple World History lapbooks and would love to be able to pick them up right now while they are on sale. We'll see!

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