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My Family

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Learning Tree Games

I thought it might be interesting to talk about my "other" blog today although it really isn't so much a blog about me or my family or what we are currently doing in homeschooling. It's a blog about products my partner and I create and sell on It's called "Learning Tree Games" and can be found at: Although I probably need to go on the blog and see if all the products we currently have for sale on Currclick have been included on the blog. We also have a Facebook page where we post about any sales we are participating in and also about new products we are introducing.
You see, my partner and I started creating and making learning games for subjects our sons were needing a little extra help with. It all started with our game, "The Great Space Race" after I had made a gameboard to help our nine year old autistic son with multiplication. After I created the game using a dinosaur themed board, my partner loved the idea and thought we could take the idea and create a game that just about any child would enjoy playing. I ended up thinking of ways the game could be used to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills but that was pretty easy.  We ended up changing the theme but that worked pretty well in the long run. We have created some decks of cards that can be used with the basic game board but the basic game is designed to be used with dice too. We have even created a deck of cards about the solar system that can also be used with the board so, it's not just a math game!
One thing my partner and I decided up front was that we wanted to keep all our products at a reasonable price since so much in homeschooling seems to cost not only an arm but also a leg! lol Most of our games are $5.00 or less and the decks are a buck or two. We even try to offer our products on sale as oftern as possible. In fact, we are planning to discount them after Christmas, some time in January.
Right now, we are working on our next game that should be available pretty soon. We thought a game to practice about US Geography would be helpful. The deck for the game has been created but when I had it printed, I found a minor problem that I should be able to fix fairly soon. My partner is working on the board now so we should be able to offer the game sometime between now and the end of January.
Well, that tells you about Learning Tree Games. Drop into the blog or our Facebook page to check us out or take a look at some of our games on

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